About Our Foundation

Mama Chila Foundation

The Mama Chila Foundation is dedicated to providing support to individuals who, as children, were separated from their biological families during armed conflicts as they navigate the experience of rebuilding relationships with their families.

It was established by Nelson/Roberto who was forcibly separated from his family during the Salvadoran civil war. Mama Chila was Nelson/Roberto’s Maternal Grandmother and was the driving force behind his family’s reunion in 1997. We are proud to honor her legacy by helping more Salvadoran families reunite.

Our First Project: Ana and Isabel

Isabel & Ana

Isabel and Ana Williams were adopted from El Salvador during civil was in 1980’s and grew up in the New England area, knowing very little about their past. Since 2010 when they learned that their birth mother was still alive, Isabel and Ana have been trying to meet Ester in person. Due to a debilitating illness, Isabel is not able to travel and Ana does not want to have the reunion without her sister by her side. Their only option is to bring their birth mother to the U.S. After a long journey, a reunion is going to happen this year – Isabel, Ana and their mother will finally get to see each other for the first time in 35 years in June 2015.

Of course, the cost of a trip to the US is significant. In addition to providing emotional and logistical support, the Mama Chila Foundation is running a crowd-funding campaign to raise funds for this trip.

How You Can Help…

1) Sign Up to Share

To get the word out about Ana and Isabel’s fundraising campaign, we are using a website called When you sign up, a link to our GoFundMe page will automatically be posted on June 5th at 7:00AM EDT to your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr accounts. This will help us make a big splash, and it makes the process of sharing our campaign much easier for you.

2) Donate to this Campaign

The goal of this campaign is to raise money for the reunion of Isabel and Ana with their mother. We have set up a page at for collecting donations. If you are thinking of joining us in supporting the reunion of Isabel and Ana with their birth mother, please donate to the gofundme campaign now.